Diving and Fast Rescue Boat Operations

We will teach you the techniques, tactics and procedures necessary to properly, safely and effectively prepare a Fast Rescue Boat (FRB) or Combat Rubber Raiding Craft (CRRC) for operation. Mission planning, sea state and weather analysis, navigation, seamanship, communications, fatigue, vessel dynamics and stability constraints, emergency signaling, night vs day operations, and leadership skills are woven together in a hands on classroom/on the water training regime.

A captain of the Navy ought to be a man of strong and well connected sense, with a tolerable good education, a gentleman, as well as a seaman both in theory and practice.” Captain John Paul Jones, US Navy

Beach and Amphibious Operations in Little Creek VA.
Crew Immersion Suit and Abandon Ship training in Puerto Rico…..
Coxswain training on CG 45 ft Rescue Boat.
US Air Force ParaRescue Diver training off West Palm Beach FL. Use of lift bags in recovery operations.
Joint US Coast Guard & US Army Security Boat Operations in Baltimore Harbor MD.
Joint US Army & US Navy Diving and Small Boat Operations off Key West FL.
Launching Fast Rescue Boat (FRB) from US Army LSV 3 in vicinity of Port Hueneme CA.
US Air Force Pararescue boat training, West Palm Beach FL.
Dive on US Coast Guard Cutter Duane, 130 ft Key Largo FL.
Class for US Air Force Pararescue operators on Combat Raider Craft (CRRC) operations: running alongside and hooking up with vessels while underway at speed.
Proper set-up for sea painter and wooden fid in executing coming alongside a vessel while underway at sea speeds.

Conducting FRB (Fast Rescue Boat) training onboard US Army Large Ocean Going Tug (LT).

US Divers Rocket Fin presented to Haze Gray Maritime and Stuart Scuba at completion of 4 day SCUBA Diving and Fast Rescue Boat training regime off Riveria Beach FL (April 2019).
Open Ocean Diving Operations: Deep Dives with NITROX blends, using deep stops and computer dive ops planning.