Underway Operations

Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity.” US Army General George S. Patton

Conducting Joint US Army Small Tug (ST) Buoy and Maritime Security Operations with the US Coast Guard.

Underway operations allow us to take GOPRO videos of training evolutions which enhance After Action Reviews (AAR). We examine techniques, actions, and teamwork, and which elements contribute to success. Productive discussions and brainstorming during AARs lead to improvements and retention of effective techniques, tactics and procedures. Repetition, review, and re-renewed repetition builds confidence, understanding, and flawless teamwork.

We conduct underway and field training evolutions day and night, in all feasible weather conditions. All photos shown on our website were taken by Haze Gray Maritime and show training throughout the Atlantic, Caribbean and Pacific regions.

Cargo loading and beach landing operations in Pearl Harbor HI.

Joint Security Operations with the US Coast Guard, Baltimore MD.

RIB (Rubber Inflatable Boat) and diving operations with the US Navy.

FRB (Fast Rescue Boat) operations outside Port Hueneme CA.

Ice operations in the Chesapeake Bay.

Personnel transfer operations in the Gulf of Mexico.

Joint semi-annual Ice Buoy relief operations with the US Coast Guard in Chesapeake Bay.

US Army Small Tug (ST) pushing barge loaded with Coast Guard buoys during joint buoy relief operations in the Chesapeake Bay.

Riverine Warfare training at Camp Lejuene NC.

US Army Barge Derrick Crane training and operations, Baltimore MD.

Sailing north along Mexico’s west coast from Panama Canal to Tacoma WA. Winds 40+ knots, on the nose.

Supporting US Navy Diving Operations, Key West FL.

Supporting US Air Force Pararescue Diving and Combat Raider Craft (CRRC) training, West Palm Beach FL.

Demonstrating SEA DYE during Ocean Survival Training in Ponce PR.

Riverine Warfare Training at Camp Lejuene NC.

Entering Port of Seattle & Tacoma WA completing voyage from Baltimore MD.

US Army Combat Raider Craft (CRRC) training for Harbormaster Unit & side scan sonar operators.

Demonstrating SOLAS hand held red daytime flares for Coast Guard Marine Licensing Class.

Demonstrating RED daytime SOLAS Smoke Emergency canister for Coast Guard Marine Licensing Class.

Demonstrating proper technique for holding and firing a SOLAS rocket parachute flare for a Coast Guard Professional Maritime Licensing Class.

Underway operations in the remote bayous of North Carolina during US Navy Riverine Warfare Training.

Deep Dive Training at Key Largo FL. Descending on wrecks at 130 feet.

Descent line to USCGC Duane in Key Largo FL.

Pool training for US Minerals Management Service with Mario Vittone. This training is a a component of Mario’s “Basic Offshore Safety & Survival Course (BOSS).

Learn the essentials of marine weather, understanding winds, waves, fronts and fundamentals of a vessel operations in a wide range of conditions.

This link takes you to “The American Practical Navigator (Pub No. 9)” also known as “Bowditch” an 882 page comprehensive textbook on Marine Navigation, Weather, Oceanography, Piloting, Safety, and Maritime Mathematics.


Here is a link to the US Navy Salvage Engineers Handbook, a 760 page handbook filled with information, references, and data needed by all mariners and divers.


US Navy Salvors Handbook link is here. A guide to diving and salvage operations. A source for formulas, data, diagrams and essential information for planning, executing and understanding maritime diving and salvage: