Who We Are

Many leaders are tempted to lead like a chess master, striving to control every move, when they should be leading like gardeners, creating and maintaining a viable ecosystem in which the organization operates.” Stanley A. McChrystal, General US Army.

WHO WE ARE: Maritime Training and Consulting company serving civilian, military, and commercial operations and individuals. Providing analysis and examination of challenges and needs, and producing guidance, products and training to solve those requirements and needs.

WHAT WE DO: We review your personal or organizational needs, issues, and requirements and propose solutions for your needs and challenges. We will implement those recommendations through training programs, resource guidance, or by engaging additional organizations or individuals who will provide specialized training and expertise.

WHO IS MICHAEL CARR: I am a retired US Army Marine Warrant Officer who also served in the US Coast Guard and US Merchant Marine. I am a trained US Navy Diving and Salvage Officer (SSDO), NAUI Diving Instructor, and Coast Guard Master (All Oceans). I hold a BS Degree from the US Coast Guard Academy, and Masters Degree from American Military University. I have attended US Navy Riverine Warfare Training, Coast Guard Tactical Boat Operations, and served as Electronic Warfare Office (EWO) during combat operations in Iraq. As an Army Watercraft Master I have executed a wide range of maritime operations, including US Navy Diving Construction and Salvage, SEAL training & support, Army Infantry operations, transport of aircraft and small craft.

PUBLICATIONS: I am the author of “Weather Predicting Simplified: How to Read Weather Charts and Satellite Images” (McGraw Hill), and contributor to “Mariners Guide to Hurricane Awareness in the North Atlantic Basin” (NOAA-Ocean Prediction Center). I also contribute weekly to gCaptain (www.gcaptain.com) and review maritime publications for CHOICE (choicereviews.org).

TEACHING: Faculty at Maritime Institute of Technology and Graduate Studies (MITAGS), Maine Maritime Academy, and US Merchant Marine Academy (US Army Instructor). Assistant to Mario Vittone (www.mariovittone.com) in teaching Basic Offshore Safety and Survival (BOSS) courses to US Government Agencies.

CERTIFICATIONS: Approved STCW95 Instructor for: Fast Rescue Boat (FRB), Anti-Terrorism Awareness, Radar, ARPA, Basic Safety and Survival, Seamanship, Lifeboat Operations, Terrestrial and Celestial Navigation, License Upgrades, Heavy Weather Avoidance, Basic Meteorology, ECDIS, Small Arms for Security Personnel on Vessels, Bridge Resource Management, Basic and Advanced Marine Firefighting (Including Incident Command Systems).

SECURITY CLEARANCE: CW4 Michael Carr, US Army Retired held a Top Secret (TS) Clearance while on Active Duty and deployed to Iraq as an Electronic Warfare Officer (EWO), where he worked with Joint Forces in all areas of ground, air, and waterborne Electronic Warfare combat operations.

Preparing tug for sinking in 200 feet of water 4 miles east of Port St Lucie FL.

Conducting amphibious, harbormaster, and over the beach operations at Fort Story VA.

Promotion to CW4 US Army Watercraft Master at US Navy SEAL Museum Ft Pierce FL.

Final Dives as a US Navy trained Diving & Salvage Officer (SSDO).

Underway operations on a US Coast Guard 45 foot Rescue Boat.

Outward Bound Veterans White Water Rafting Expedition (10 days) on Colorado River.

Amphibious Operations at Fort Story VA.

Operations on the the US Army Logistics Support Vessel (LSV) 8. Beaching and amphibious operations in remote and austere environments.

Ocean Survival training: stay afloat and alive by inflating your pants.

Basics of donning life jackets and abandoning ship.

Testing and Evaluating Inflatable PFDs with Mario Vittone in FT Pierce FL.

Underway on US Army LSV 8 hauling cargo on an extended ocean mission.

Outward Bound Veterans 10 day White Water Rafting Expedition on the Colorado River.

Physical Fitness is a daily requirement, a regime which is part of your daily routine.